Rokytnice nad Jizerou


This rock / observarion point that stands over Rokytnice offers marvellous views of the whole Rokytnice valley from Paseky nad Jizerou to Lysa Mountain and Kotel Mountain. It stands at an altitude of 777 metres above sea level. The name of the place (the Patrolman) comes from the numerous sentry fires that were kept here by the frontline guard of the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War.

The museum and Gallery Starý kravín in Františkov

The museum and Gallery Starý kravín in Františkov offers permanent exhibitions describing earlier difficult life in the Giant Mountains. In addition to collection of fire equipment, you can also see here tools people used to earn their living. The museum also offers local artists season exhibitions from various fields and specializations.

The Huťský waterfall

The water of the Huťský waterfall, which is fed by the Huťský Stream that springs beheath Dvoračky cottage, falls from a height of 20 m. This waterfall was once a popular destination for excursions, with a restaurant that staged dancing every Sunday. The name of the stream, „Huťský“ (glassworks), is taken from the first glassworks in Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Challenge rope park

Come and enjoy different rope courses in tree-tops in altitude about 5–9 metres above groung level. We proudly present two circuits – the easier and the harder one suitable for all…


The Dvoračky mountain cottage sits at an altitude of 1.140 metres above sea level between Lysá Mountain and Kotel Mountain. Dvoračky was build in 1707 by the Schier family and was originally a mountain farmstead. Nowadays Dvoračky is visited for its home baking, home cooking and mountain specialties. The renowned Bohemian trade route that was known as far back as the 10th century ran past Dvoračky. This route passed through Rokytnice and over the Elbe Meadow on to Silesia.

Elbe Meadow, the River Elbe spring, Elbe Waterfall

An expansive summit plain where the River Elbe springs. The symbolic of the Elbe is marked with a concrete ring, but the river actually springs a little higher in a peat moor among the mountain pines. The coloured emblems of 24 towns that the Elbe passes through from source to estuary were placed here in 1968. The south-easterly part of Elbe Meadow is home to the 45 metre-high Elbe Waterfall.