Rokytnice nad Jizerou – Giant Mountains

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Harrachov – Giant Mountains



Paseky nad Jizerou – Giant Mountains


Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Rokytnice nad Jizerou is the picturesque mountain town laying in the Krkonoše Mountains at an altitude of between 447 and 1417 metres above sea level. In many parts of the town can be found sights and typical wooden structures. Is ideal starting point for hiking, cycling and winter sports.

Sports enthusiast can use dozens of ski tows and crosscountry tracks, tennis and volleyball courts, the grass football pitch, the skittle alley, the bowling centre, a sports hall and a sauna. Furthermore have you chance going down the River Jizera in spring, paragliding or hang-gliding.

Lovers of skiing will find perfectly maintained cross-country ski trails and ski slopes that are covered by artificial snow by snow canons in case of lack of snow. Complete care is provided by services for downhill as well as cross-country ski, ski rentals, ski schools. Special SKIBUS, adjusted for skiers, drives directly to the ski resort.

Skiers in ski resorts of Rokytnice nad Jizerou can use approximately thirty ski-lifts and two four-chair lifts. Lysá hora cableway is 2,198 meters long and it is the second longest cableway in the Czech Republic. The second cableway, Horní Domky, besides winter secures also summer operation with the possibility of transporting bicycles free of charge.

In other months Rokytnice nad Jizerou offers excellent opportunities for tourists. Marked network of tourist routes is available for hiking as well as cycling. Horní Domky cableway transports bicycles free of charge and saves uphill pedalling.

Paseky nad Jizerou

Paseky nad Jizerou is a typical mountain town situated on the western boundery of the Giant Mountains in the area of protected reserve of the Giant Mountains National Park (KRNAP). It lies on the right side of Izera Mine and Hromovka with Kapradník rise above it, rocky ridge Mechovice is in the centre of the town. Paseky was probably founded already in the 16th century, however, the oldest written report comes only from 1654. At that time glassworks operated in the oldest part of the community, Makov, and silver was mined in Havírna.

Lovers of skiing will find perfectly maintained cross-country ski trails and downhill tracks that are covered by snow by means of snow canons in case of lack of snow. There are total 5 ski lifts, of which 3 are municipal. Complete care is secured by services of alpine and cross-country ski, ski rentals and ski schools.


Harrachov lies in the altitude of 686 meters above sea level and belongs to the most significant recreation and sports centres in the western part of the Giant Mountains. Thanks to its ideal location near the border to Poland (border checkpoint Harrachov – Jakuszyce) it is one of the most visited ski resorts in the Czech Republic.

Lovers of skiing will find perfectly prepared cross-country ski trails and ski slopes, which in the absence of snow get artificial snow from snow cannons. Complete care is secured by services for downhill and cross-country skis, ski rentals, ski schools. Ski Trail for cross-country skiing is maintained around Harrachov in total length of 30 km.

The city is dominated by the famous centre for ski-jumps on Čertova Hora directly above Harrachov. The first ski jump in Harrachov was built in 1920. With the construction of the new ski resort with standard cross-country skiing tracks, ski slopes and in particular ski jumps in 1980 the most famous era of Harrachov began. Sportsmen practise almost all year round on total 8 ski jumps, some of which are made of plastic. The attractive ski jumps are the peak of sporting events in Harrachov.